Monday, May 4, 2009

Deutsche Welle: 15 full-scholarships for International Media Studies Masters Program

The International Media Studies Masters Program is a four-semester, full-time program for further education. The program combines topics like media and development, journalism, communication science and media economics, while developing practical skills and competencies that are important for the world of media. It is a joint project from the University of Bonn, the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and Deutsche Welle, Germanys international broadcaster with its headquarters in Bonn. The bilingual Masters Program offers a unique course that combines the acquisition and development of practical skills in journalism with theoretical grounding. The program emphasizes on the current development of global media and the connection between media and cooperative development. Students from around the world will benefit from the inclusion of partners and the unparalleled mix of research, lectures and practical experience.

Applicants need a bachelor's degree and more than one year of professional experience in a media-related field. The Master's Program is bilingual. For this reason, applicants must have good verbal and written communication skills in German and English.

Deutsche Welle is going to award full-scholarships to 15 applicants from Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe.

For further details please visit our website at,2692,12276,00.html

If you are interested in the program please send your application until 31st May 2009.

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