Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mavazi ya Kiafrika. Tujivunie. Tuunge mkono...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take this great opportunity to introduce you to my niece, Karungi Mukurasi who has a renown business in Dar for making nguo za wakina mama na mashati ya wakina baba and some very interesting stylish African suits for men.

She is the one in the photos in the attachment.

From the time she was born she showed artistic proficiency and when school was done, she embarked into this voyage which has brought her to the heights of the design of premier African dressing. She gets her materials from West Africa where the best fabrics are woven and has dress-makers to her designs both in West Africa and in Tanzania.

Her dresses have been worn by prominent women in Tanzania and some international circles, as well as some shirts which some Wabunge have found very fashionable as they mingle in public circles.

Just as the advertisement on Mwananchi Newspaper shows (photo above, click to enlarge), these are African dresses with an African style which eclipse what you may see at a Hollywood movie premier or the Oscar's red carpet runway.

Please feel free to contact her for any additional info, specially for you who are abroad and would like to show the international community that African dressing is second to none!

Her email address is: kmukurasi@hotmail.com or k_mukurasi@yahoo.com

We hope to have a website soon!


Ben K.

NB: Duka lipo Kinondoni Road, Kinondoni Muslim, Duka namba 37, jina la duka ni J's JOY. Namba ya simu ni +255 784 95 95 51

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