Sunday, January 18, 2009

Warning from Subi

SERIOUS NOTE: Computer Attack Worm
Please be informed that there is a malicious worm by the names: "Kido", "Conflicker"and "Downadup" that has been circulating in the past 4 days. This worm has affected 9 million+ computers around the world (in those 4 days only!). I heard it on the news radio and decided to google it around and whoa I had to write a note about it on this blog (click to read if you like). You can follow up with the updates on this issue via Google's News Website (click to read).
  • This worm is easily spread via USB's. (Try not to use your USB's unless you absolutely have no an alternative).
  • Do not download and/or open any file especially ones that you have not initiated. (If you have to, make sure you scan the whole file before opening it).
  • Make sure the Security Center settings on your computer are not changed, check it to make sure that every feature in it is enabled, up and running.

Have a good weekend!



Simon Kitururu said...

Asante kwa taarifa Dada Subi

Subi Nukta said...

Asante kushukuru Kaka Simon!