Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kiswahili Wikipedia Competition

What is the Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge?
This is your opportunity to bring Africa's information online by creating Wikipedia articles in Kiswahili.
You can participate by translating English Wikipedia articles into Kiswahili or by writing your own articles from scratch. You can choose your own topic to write about.

Are you a pursuing a degree in Physics?
Translate the entry for 'condensed matter' from English to Kiswahili.

Studying literature?
Write an entry on your favorite local author. Or translate an article about your favorite musician or sports team. Just think about what topics would be of interest to some of the 100 million Kiswahili speakers worldwide.

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Fadhy Mtanga said...

Ahsante sana kwa changamoto. Nami napaswa kujipinda kufanya jambo kwa lugha yetu adhimu.