Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Production or "forgeaction"? Bongo Flava "production" in scandal again..

Hey wats up everybody!! I thought the Producers in Tanzania have improved a lot but i guess i was wrong!!, 2 and Half years ago i made a beat and named it Block Running, I sold it to one of the Label called Koch Entertainment of New York for the agreement of wherever this beat goes my name gotta be there as a beat maker of this beat, 2 days ago i was shocked when one of my friends from Tanzania sent me a song with the same beat i made 2 and half yrs ago!!, and I didnt hear my name on the track all i heard is Marco Chali, So i called Koch entertainment to ask wats going on, Koch entertainment management were so surprised to hear that news so they told me to send the song to them and I did, They asked me if i ever sent the beat to MJ Records of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I told em i never did but i put the beat on I tunes so people can buy and use for promotions and not for any type of business but Mj records used the beat without permission from Koch Entertainment and also they didnt follow the agreement we signed that wherever this beat goes my name gotta be there as a beat maker. I dont have any rights of complaining this issue to MJ Records that why my name wasnt on the song as a beat maker all ill do is to take Koch Entertainment to court and they will deal with the MJ Records. The only thing im gonna deal with,if MJ records bought this beat from itunes,and if they did why they used it for the Business!!?.
I put the song which Producer Marco Chali of MJ Records produced last year and my beat i made 2 and half years ago so you guys can compare and tell me if this beat is the same or not the same.

Stiggo Ibrahim,
S&S Records-NY

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Mija Shija Sayi said...

Sielewi kwa nini MJ hatengenezi tune zake mwenyewe, na ule wimbo ya Nyota yako si ndiye huyu huyu aliyemtengenezea TID? Kumbe tune za watu!! Haya labda sheria itamfunza kuheshimu vya watu.