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The next Tanzania's General Elections are almost two years away. To be exact, Tanzanians [registered voters of course] will be on hopeful long ques in October 2015 to elect the next President of The United Republic and Members Of Parliament.In a country where almost everything is attached to politics, that is an important month and year.
While two years seems to be such a long stretch, in politics days are counted differently. 365 days could as well mean 65. They say politics is a sneaky game. You need to be prepared, you need to know yourself and your potential opponents way ahead. That, of course, makes politics take the title of a dirty game as well. Before you realize, the streets knows you as Mr.Inappropriate. Your lights are punched out and all you can see is darkness. You are no longer in control.

The scene of dirty games and dirty wars I am trying to explain above is already on. If you are not aware please raise your hands up and better be in a don't shoot pose because I know you are not telling me the truth. I believe you have heard how some politicians are already exchanging words[ in a war-like styles] whenever they get a chance or whenever they see cameras flashing and microphones are set. They aren't telling jokes. They mean it. Holly! They love the attention.

 Now, we live in a different era. Nowadays, you can easily tell what is in someone's mind just from their status posted on their pages over social network platforms. You can see excitement, anger, frustrations, jealousy, hopelessness, craziness from those lines. You just gotta master the art of reading between the lines. Few people and certainly few politicians are going to survive against the power of social networks. You gotta be a social lion to survive or completely avoid to expose your true feelings and arguably your "agenda". The ugly part is; if you are a politician and you are not on social networks, your chances are cut in half or unless if the office you are aiming is just Mjumbe wa Nyumba Kumi Kumi. In that case, all you need is ability to walk and drink evening tea with watu wako wa kitaa.

Given some of the factors I am talking about above [political jabs, war of words, social networks expose etc] it has become a bit easier [ I said a bit easier because please never underestimate a Politician] to do some guess work on our politicians' [they want to be called Waheshimiwa] next move or the office and position they are aiming for. I could be wrong and I could be damn right!

Long story short, the men and women[ sorry a woman] whose photos appear above, are mentioned [and some have openly mentioned themselves] to be potential Presidential Candidates for Tanzania's next General Elections come October 2015. And honestly speaking, given their credentials and experiences [good and bad] and the nature of our politics or political system, anyone can the next man/woman who keeps you in "foleni" for hours because he/she is going "out".[You know]

The list above is not final. It can change anytime. Politicians are known to attract scandals too. So we may wake up the day after tomorrow and hear some rape charges or sale of national treasure and boom,some dreams are shattered. Who do you think we missed in the list?[that's why we left rooms] And most important question; Who would you vote for if elections were held today? Your opinion matters.

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